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Resoconto del concerto di Lee ad Amstetten – Germania. Una delle date del suo Tour Europeo.


Brief summary *lol*: The venue was great, the crowd was in a very good mood, the music was brilliant as usual and Lee was really excellent and very charming …

 WOW – you really missed something special and magical here in Amstetten!!! Lee’s show was absolutely brilliant! He even played 3 sets, so we could listen to his fantastic voice for more than 2 hours!!! Unbelievable! Whooo-hooooooo! He nearly played all of his own songs (except some new ones from his EP) and lots and lots of covers with which he conquered the crowd!

 We heard some great Beatles-Covers, “Satisfaction” by The Rolling Stones, Rod Stewart’s “I don’t wanna talk about it” *hehe*, Radiohead’s Creep, “Billie Jean”, some fantastic Oasis stuff and even “Baby one more time” by Britney Spears *lol* AND – please sit down and fasten your seatbelts, my lovely Italian friends – “Sex on fire” by Kings of Leon! Amazing!!! And I’m sure, I can’t even remember all of his surprising songs … it was perfect! The crowd (about 200 people) totally liked Lee and sang along keenly to his cover versions. I really think, no I’m absolutely sure he made a lot of new fans here! 😉

 After his first 2 sets, the people convinced him to play another set – he said, he would play as long as the people shouted for songs and gave him ideas, which one he could play next. It was sooooo funny and the people here in Amstetten had no fears of contacts at all and screamed for more and more songs! *lol* If he wouldn’t have a gig in Munich today, he’d probably still stand on stage at the K1 club, singing his ass off for us! *lol*

By the way: a really naughty girl even screamed “Take off your shirt, Lee” after he noticed that it was very hot in the club! *lol* Maybe any ideas, who this girl could have been? *rofl*

 Huge, huge THANK YOU to Andrea, who made all this possible! She’s a genius with things like that – strong will to achieve everything, she really wants and veeeeery persuasive! *lol* Can’t thank her enough … you’re unique, darling! Love ya! xx

 The Round Table 48 Amstetten, which booked Lee for this special night also deserves another big THANK YOU! It was a wonderful night!

 It was really nice to finally meet Lee again – exactly half a year later, when Andrea and I first met him in London at The Bedford. It was also nice to meet his manager Phil to have finally a face to all the mails in the past! *lol* We really enjoyed having you here, guys!!! It was a memorable night! 😉

 But now some good news for all, who had missed this awesome gig yesterday – Lee promised to come back to Amstetten in October! Whooooo-hooooo again! Who wants to come now??? *lol* Make sure, you’ll better be there next time, otherwise you’ll miss a once-in-a-lifetime Lee-concert again! 😉 

I really hope that I’ll be able to upload some pics the next days! Promised! 😉

 Lots of love,

Simone (very happy, but a bit tired)

Thanks to Simone – Freunde von Lee MacDougall



Posted May 14, 2011 by teamleeitalia in Lee in Tour

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