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to you It’s great to be back in America. Who turned up the sun?! Yes it is hot, but after a lifetime of cold I am loving it. My skinny jeans are now officially part of my anatomy.. which is cool because I should never be allowed to wear shorts in public.. First night back in NYC at The Bitter End was amazing, so good to see so many familiar faces again and great to hear everybody singing along. It’s always a pleasure to get the chance to speak with everyone afterwards, and thank you again for your generous gifts. Hope to see you all back in NYC on Saturday October 1st back at the Bitter End. It’s gonna be the last show of the tour so bring your friends and let’s make it one to remember 😉

This was also the first night that my new EP “For a Few Tales More” was available, feels great to finally put it out there to everyone after working on it in London this summer. Hope you guys like it – be sure to let me know if you have some new favorites!

So then on to Philly and a show at the World Cafe Live. Very cool venue. I opened for an amazing band with an incredible lead singer.. didn’t catch their name though. Someone comment if you were there!

Chilled in Narbeth, Philly, on Saturday morning and then made my way to Fairfax Virginia for a private show on Saturday night. I always love these shows and this one was a lot of fun. Met some great people and nearly went blind on the punch. This made for an interesting question and answer session afterwards!

Had to catch a megabus (oh the glam) from DC to Richmond Virginia the next morning. The bus was scheduled to leave at 11.15am and at 10.45 we were still several miles away at iHop finishing our pancakes. This resulted in a Jason Bourne style mad dash through DC to make the bus on time. We then proceeded ignore the no entry sign into the bus depot and sped the wrong way through the bus lanes to pull in front of our bus just as it was pulling away. Managed to flag it down as security ran at us screaming into their radios “DO NOT LET THESE PEOPLE ONTO THE BUS!!!”.. oh the hilarity. Had to utilize every inch of our British accents to persuade the driver to let us board. Good job too. It was 105 degrees and a long walk to Richmond.

Sat next to a little girl who asked me if I wanted to play Barbie dolls with her. I politely declined and then she asked me if I was on American Idol. I tried to explain to her that we were on a Megabus…

Arrived later that day in Jacksonville North Carolina to play a private show in a Veteran’s of Foreign War club. Pretty random, but a lot of fun. Jacksonville is a beautiful place too.

Stopped off the next day at “South of the Border” in South Carolina on the road to Atlanta Georgia. This was an experience and a half. If you have been then you will know of it’s epicness. Had my photo taken on top of a 200 foot tall sombrero. Couple that with the honey-flavored Jack Daniels that I have just discovered and I’m still giddy with the excitement.

More from me soon…. if you happen to take any pics/video of me out on the road, please contribute to my planned tour journal and send anything you have to

Atlanta tonight (8/11), Birmingham Alabama tomorrow (8/12) and Nashville on Saturday (8/13)

Road trip anyone?



Thanks Lee for giving us the details of your US Tour!



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