*NUOVO CONTEST* Disegna la maglietta ufficiale del nuovo tour di Lee MacDougall   Leave a comment

Con una nota su Facebook Lee MacDougall apre ufficialmente il contest che offre ai suoi fan la possibilità di disegnare la t-shirt che diventerà la maglietta ufficiale del Tour che inizierà nel 2012.

**New Competiton! Design my Official T-Shirt**

So after many requests by you lovely people on my last tour, the time has finally come for the first Official Lee MacDougall T-Shirt!

And as it’s you guys (hopefully) that will be wearing it, who better to design it – than you!

My last competition overwhelmed me in seeing how creative you guys are, and so my new contest for you – should you choose to enter – is to get those creative juices flowing again and to design a Lee MacDougall Tee… one sided… with one color print.. The winner will get to see their design come to life at the start of 2012 and be taken around the world with me as my Official shirt on tour 🙂

Please post pics of your entries to my page, they can just be design images and don’t necessarily have to be shown on a t-shirt… though obviously this helps!

The closing date for entries is Friday 4th November.

Looking forward to seeing what you can do 😉



Ps if you have any questions please try and keep them to this thread and I will reply best I can!


Posted October 8, 2011 by teamleeitalia in CONTEST

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