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New Fan Pic with Lee MacDougall   Leave a comment

The Italian Team!!! We support Lee and his talent!!!

Sue, Sara, Ale, Lee, Bea & Jess at ‘The Regal Room’ –  17th November 2011 / London UK .

Thanks to Lee MacDougall Italia


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New Fan Pics of Lee MacDougall at ‘The Regal Room’ – London UK   Leave a comment

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Thanks to Lee MacDougall Italia!

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Lee MacDougall at ‘The Regal Room’ – London   Leave a comment

Amazing Fan Pics and 2 videos of Lee during his gig at ‘The Regal Room’ – London 17/11/11.

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Thanks to Lee MacDougall Italia!


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*ESCLUSIVA TEAM LEE ITALIA* L’esperienza di una fan del suo strabiliante private party con Lee MacDougall   Leave a comment

*ESCLUSIVA TEAM LEE ITALIA* Grazie alla nostra amica Erma Jo Kirk Hewett per aver condiviso con noi del Lee MacDougall Italia la gioia e l’emozione del suo private party con Lee MacDougall!!

Erma di quella serata ci racconta:

A Private Party was held for Lee MacDougall at the home of Sheri Hewett Souza, near Santa Cruz,California and hosted by Sheri, Kathy Hewett Tsudama and Erma Jo Kirk Hewett. It was attended by 23 people. It was a fantastic show even though Lee was recovering from losing his voice. He sounded great and everyone was excited to be there. Some of us attended his show at the Elbo Room the following night in San Francisco.

Di seguito due meravigliose foto a testimonianza della strabiliante occasione di avere Lee MacDougall a casa propria per un private party con gli amici:

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Thanks to  Erma Jo Kirk Hewett to share with us her amazing experience!


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*NEW PICS* Lee MacDougall at the Twilight ItaCon2 in Naples   Leave a comment

*ESCLUSIVA TEAM LEE ITALIA* – Lee MacDougall ospite alla “Twilight ItaCon 2″ a Napoli.

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*VIDEO* Lee MacDougall – How to Be (Live@The Hard Rock Calling Festival 2011)   Leave a comment

*ESCLUSIVA TEAM LEE ITALIA*Lee MacDougall live al The Hard Rock Calling Festival 2011 tenutosi lo scorso 25 Giugno a Londra.

 Thanks a lot to Anni Jowett for this amazing video and for sharing it with us!

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Report from The Hard Rock Calling Festival 2011   Leave a comment

If you’re sitting comfortably then let me begin.
I want to tell you a tale about a gig where I‘ve been.
It all starts on 26th June 2011, Hyde Park London.
I had brought my tickets for the Hard Rock Calling Festival, many months ago, to see BonJovi. Then on the 16th June I heard the awesome news on Facebook that Lee was to perform at the festival too! I could not believe the luck of that. I had been kicking myself for the past week I had not taken the opportunity to meet Lee in Naples when I saw him play at the Itacon2, and even more so for not buying his limited edition EP. Maybe there would be a chance to do both at Hyde Park.

So I knew Lee was playing the bandstand at 2pm, We travelled to London on Friday night and stayed with a friend to make sure we were there in time for his early set. I had been telling Lucie how much I enjoyed Lees performance and sending her links too , so by the time we got there she was just as excited to see Lee as me. The Bandstand Stage was a little hard to find, I had to ask several officials. On the way I had to nip to the toilet, while I was in there I heard Lee singing…….he must have been doing his sound check. I ran out and caught up with my group and told them we must be near, I could hear him. Sure enough the band stand stage was just around the corner and we arrived with about 15 minutes to spare.

The weather this morning was quite grey and overcast, but as Lee took to the stage the sun came out. I shouted “Lee you made the sunshine” then felt immediately embarrassed for my out burst. Lee acknowledged my statement….and smiled. “ Yes “ he said.
Forgive me if I cannot remember the exact order of the set list , I should have took notes, but I was too busy jumping up and down like a lunatic and singing along , but Lee sure packed a lot into his half hour set.
The sound was amazing. How one man and a guitar on an open air stage can project such a powerful performance was just magical to behold. Okay maybe not all magic, maybe electricity , amps and speakers assisted a little here too. But you know he sounded even better than in Italy. I was totally captivated.
Among the songs performed were Falling in love for the last time, Joanna, The star hotel, How to be, She, and London in the summer. Everybody groaned when Lee told us he had run out of time, we wanted him to stay and play more. But I guess these kind of events are dead strict on such things to ensure things keep to time. The next band was waiting to sound check.

Lucie seized the opportunity to get Lees autograph before he left the stage, and made his way to a hut behind the shed. Minutes later he appeared with a can of beer and then posed with some children who had patiently waited for a photo. I grabbed Lucie and said come on lets get a photo too. Lee kindly agreed to pose for single and a group shot. While we did so I managed to tell him I had enjoyed his performance both today and in Naples he asked me if I had seem much of Naples…I said no just the hotel and the train station. I was a little star struck and lost for words. His manager appeared selling the Cds, I stopped him and brought one . Lee then went over to talk to some friends . I asked the manager if Lee would sign my CD , and he called him back over. Suddenly I found myself holding a can of beer. I was about to take a swig then realised it was Lees, good job I didn’t. He had given it me to hold while he signed. Opps .I asked him if he would be watching Bon Jovi later, he said he would . Then he went to get some beers for his friends. We had a little chat with his manager, we talked about Naples ,he told us they would soon be off to the States and then Germany.. Lee seemed to like this area of the festival he was hanging around there most of the day with his friends. I was a great opportunity to see him play at such a great festival……..and you know what….I enjoyed it even more than seeing the head liners…………shhhhh don’t tell JonBJ I said that!

 Thanks very much to Anni Jowett for this amazing report and for sharing it with us!

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